Autumn is in the Air

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Museum of Work & Culture

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Jesse M Smith Memorial Library – Assistive Technology

A patron that has both visual and mobility impaired disabilities used the workstation with Fusion and the adaptive mouse, and she was able to access the web to locate materials for her tablet.  She had no idea that this kind of equipment was available and left thrilled that she could use the computers to access the library’s resources.

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Election of Officers Notice

Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Trustees of Ocean State Charities Trust, is scheduled for Tuesday October 17,2023, to be held at the office of Ocean State Charities Trust, 1005 Main Street, Suite 2123, Pawtucket, RI at 11:00 am.  The Trustees will elect officers for the year.

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Thank you note-John Farnum

“I am honored that you the Trustees named an award in my name and I am thrilled that this years award went to Community Prep School.  I have known Dan Corley for many years and have been an annual contributor to the school since its inception.  Community Prep students are well prepared to take next steps in education and life.  My sincerest thanks to you the Trustess for this honor.”  Best Regards John Farnum  


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Awards 2023

The “Harry Kizirian Award” was given to The Learning Community Charter School

                 In recognition to provide educational needs for the children in the state of RI

The “Roger Schonning Award” was given to the Jonnycake Center of Westerly

                 For providing social services to assist people through crisis situations and to find a path out toward self-sufficiency

The “Helen A. Marandola Award” was give to the John Clarke Retirement Center

                 For its rehabilitative care and a meaningful, active retirement community

The “Edward Ricci Award” was given to Seque Institute for Learning 

                 In recognitions of teaching young people from all backgrounds learn life’s lessons on honesty, humility and perseverance while gaining respect for their community

The “Jonathan Farnum Award” was give to the Community Prep School

                 For empower their diverse student body to reach full academic and leadership potential. 


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Ukraine Shelters


Ocean State Charities Trust funded Child & Family RI to purchase new cots for their preschoolers and toddlers.  They found an incredible new home for the cots.  The old cots were distributed to a temporary shelter. “They will be used in Khmelnitskiy region, Ukraine, in one of the summer camps.  Most of the camp sites in Ukraine serve as temp shelters for displaced families.  They open doors to kids from families that have parents either fighting in the war, wounded or lost their lives in the war.  These children in Ukraine now have a clean, soft place to rest.  Thank you Child & Family RI for moving it forward, rather than discarding the cots.  

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